Winter Was Unexpectedly Productive

Winter was “unexpectedly productive.”

I spent most of my time indoors, either by myself or camped out on the couch with the hubs. We spent days powering through Netflix and cooking crazy delicious meals.

We winter hiked, we travelled to Costa Rica for New Years, we didn’t do a single one of the projects listed on our house DIY list, but we did talk about them an awful lot.

I did yoga. everyday? It’s probably not everyday but it’s close to that and that’s an honest estimation.

I snuggled, I ate, I walked (when it wasn’t freezing), I stretched.

I started to let go.

That was the “unexpectedly productive.”

That was the work.

That felt really freaking good.

Now that it’s Spring, I’m anxious for warmth.

I’m not just sick of being cold and having to pack my wool socks wherever I go.

More than anything, I’m ready for deep, golden contrasted light. I’m ready to use it and try the thing that’s been brewing in my head for so long.

I’m ready to exhale all that inner work, just to bring it right back in again.

I get it now. It’s fuel, not fire.


An Antioxidant Packed Avocado Toast Recipe for a Quick, Filling, and Flavourful Breakfast!

When it comes to breakfast, I really feel like I have built a solid foundation of food and nutrition knowledge that provides me with a variety of options I absolutely love. Because of this, breakfast has become (by far) my most favourite meal of the day and I can’t wait to sit down to it every morning.

Avocado toast is no secret and I am not claiming the idea as my own. However I love this particular combination for its simplicity and can’t resist a share. It’s quick, it’s filling, it’s incredibly good for you, and it’s full of flavour thanks to the Za’atar.

Za’atar is a middle eastern spice blend that combines oregano, thyme, sumac, and roasted sesame seeds. It is traditionally prepared in olive oil and used as a dip for bread (making it perfect for avocado toast). Oregano, thyme, and sumac are antioxidant powerhouses. They help boost your immune system, fight inflammation, and assist in strengthening your memory.

Now pair the antioxidant superhero of Za’atar with an avocado which, by the way, is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, its's also packed with vitamins like C and B6, plus minerals such as magnesium and potassium - YOU CAN’T LOSE!

It’s a breakfast that will leave your body singing for more. Trust me, mine does.

Happy toasting.

You will need:

2 slices of your favourite *gluten free bread

½ avocado, ripe enough to spread it with a butter knife

2 tsp **Za’atar spice blend

2 grinds of pink himalayan sea salt

2-4 grinds of freshly cracked black pepper


Pop your toast into your toaster until it’s toasted to your desired toastiness. If you haven’t already, halve an avocado leaving the pit in the remaining half (this will keep that half from turning brown until you go to use it later).

Cupping your avocado half in your hand, slice the inside while it still remains in its shell being careful not to pierce the shell and slice your hand! You want long slices from top to bottom and you’ll need about 4 slices per piece of bread. Scoop out the slices and divide them up amongst your now toasted bread. Mash and spread the dreamy-creamy avocado around with a butter knife, it’s ok to leave a few chunks.

Top the avocado mash with a grind of pink himalayan sea salt, 2-4 grinds of freshly cracked black pepper (depending on your love of pepper), and finally, give each piece about a teaspoon of the Zaatar spice blend. Eat immediately.

*My favourite gluten free bread (that’s easy enough to find in a grocery store and isn’t packed with rice flour) is this Spiffy Glorious Vegan Sliced Bread.

**Zaatar is relatively common and can be found at most grocery stores. I really like the PC Black Label Za’atar Spice Blend.